Perky - A Brand New, Truly Decentralized ADA Stake Pool

  1. Download an ADA staking wallet
  2. Send your ADA directly to your wallet address
  3. Open your wallet, and choose "Stake pool" or "Delegate"
  4. Find PERKY
  5. Select PERKY and Tap "Delegate"
  6. Every epoch, you will receive your rewards directly to your wallet
  7. This takes place plus/minus 15 days after the date you delegated

Pool Ticker: PERKY

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Why Us?

Choose PERKY ADA Stake Pool

We follow the latest security and hardware best practices providing you with an ideal way to support the mission of the Cardano blockchain and be rewarded for your participation. Our nodes are located in secure, environmentally friendly locations WITHOUT clustering on Azure, Google or AWS (It wouldn't be decentralized if it was all sitting on those).

Our profits will go towards our mission goals and into the pool pledge. We will take out only enough to operate and upgrade the pool as time progresses.

Environmentally Friendly

We run primarily on solar power with grid backup for times when solar isn't up to the job. See Our Mission!

Super Fast

Multiple fiber lines give us reliable connection speeds to the rest of the network.

24/7 Operation

We've built plenty of redundancy into our pool so even if something fails we have redundant hardware waiting to take over.

Delegate your ADA to PERKY Pools


We have many years of e-commerce Dev Ops experience. Pool keys are stored off site in secure EMP proof location.

Earn Rewards

We take the minimum fixed costs and just 2.5% of rewards. The rest goes to our delegators.

We Love Cardano

Our company is investing heavily in the Cardano blockchain and proof of staking rewards is just the start. There are exciting things to come!

Our Mission

We are located in the city of Tychy, it's in a part of Poland that has serious clean air issues. In fact Poland's air pollution is the worst in the EU. This is mostly due to the use of coal furnaces in residential homes for central heating, many of which are ancient technology and produce massive quantities of PM10 and PM2.5 particulate pollution. On a cold winter's day you can see the yellow smog hanging low over the whole of the city. The smell is awful and breathing is difficult for the old and young.

This has severe consequences not just for the planet but also for the health of residents of our city, which mostly comprises young families.

We will be donating 25% of all profits to charities in our city that are working towards clean air initiatives, insulation in homes to reduce fuel use and clean energy installations of boilers in residential homes. This will benefit the majority of people and their children that live, work and play in what is otherwise an absolutely wonderful city for families.

By delegating with us you will help change the city for the better and improve people's lives.

Watch Video on delegation decisions

Be rewarded in ADA for staking

How It Works

What's this staking stuff all about?

PERKY Pool LogoYou become a Cardano network owner when you purchase ADA coins. Your stake is the amount of coins you have. ADA Staking allows for the decentralization of the Cardano blockchain and the distribution of ADA coins to the stake-holders. If the distribution of coins increases and stake-holders feel economically motivated to own the coins and take decisions, then decentralization and security in the network will also increase.

Part of the incentive model is the process of staking. We want to give you practical information so that you can start staking with confidence.

Staking ADA is very similar to Bitcoin mining. Except you don't need to spend a lot of money on mining hardware or waste electricity. You can instead participate in the operation of the network with your ADA coins. Delegating your ADA to a staking pool will result in you being rewarded. Participation in the decentralization of the network is what will earn you the reward. To see how much you could earn, take a look at any Cardano staking calculator. The network pays rewards every five days, they are NOT paid by the node operator but instead by the protocol. The Cardano network has pool operators (PERKY) that mint new blocks. They operate 24 hours a day and produce blocks randomly whenever they are slot leaders. These nodes are what actually process ADA transactions.

You can stake your ADA to take part in the creation of new blocks, without having to turn on your computer. As an ADA coin holder, you have the power to make decisions. You have the option to choose which pool you wish to delegate your coins too. This means that your coins (or stake) will be a part of the pool's total power (or total stake).

Stay In Control

Can you lose ADA by staking?

Your ADA never leaves your wallet! This is a very important point. You do NOT have to send your coins directly to the pool operator in order to delegate coins. A delegation certificate is a piece of code that allows you to delegate coins from your wallet to a pool. It is simple and straightforward. Click on "delegation" within your wallet, then select a pool (PERKY) and confirm the transaction. The transaction will send the delegation certificate to the blockchain. ADA coins will NOT leave your wallet. Only the delegation certificate will be sent. At present, you can only delegate ADA coins from Yoroi or Daedalus wallets, though there are more in development.

Cardano staking has a significant advantage over other protocols: you can still send and spend your coins. This means your coins can be sent and received at any time during the staking. How is this possible? In the Cardano ecosystem, time is divided into epochs which last for 5 days. The current epoch can be viewed in your Cardano wallet. ADA coins must always be in your wallet when the epoch ends and the system snapshot occurs. A new snapshot is taken every 5 days after an epoch ends. Every address that is used to stake is scanned by the snapshot. Once coins have been delegated to a pool, the network will know and update every 5 day. So once you have delegated your wallet to a pool, the coins it contains will be used to stake automatically. Any time you purchase new ADA and add them to your staked wallet they will be staked too. So from there you don't need to do anything, the new coins are used for the next snapshot when a new epoch starts and ends.

Earn Passive income by staking ADA

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Yoroi Cardano Staking Wallet

Download a Wallet

If you have not already got one, you need to download an ADA compatible wallet that is capable of staking before you start.

Be very careful to verify that you are downloading from the original source and not some scammy wallet. That would suck!

For desktop, we would recommend Daedalus wallet which was developed by IOHK, the Cardano proof of stake blockchain creators. For mobile, then Yoroi by EMURGO is a good choice.

Please note - We provide these links as a convenience. You must verify that you are downloading the correct wallet. Do not blindly trust everything on Google or Apple! To be sure, go to the developer website and follow their links!